Small Race Motivation…

5k_motivationFinding motivation for small races is proving harder than expected. Finding a rhythm for training hasn’t totally worked yet. While taxing the bodies reaction to full marathon training is well known. High mileage weeks, perpetually sore muscles, huge bowls of pasta all become the norm…this is different.

Finding motivation for the Philly race was not hard, 30th birthday, family in town, it was easier to tolerate the daily poundings of 10+ mile days…now I’m struggling to get in 25 mile weeks.

Finding motivation for the Winter Racing Series is not coming as easily. Perhaps it is impatience with the smaller improvements that come with some of the speedwork. I’ve never done 400 (quarter mile) repeats before. The speed is good, feels strong and fast. The daily stuff is harder though and the need to keep the general aerobic base going is necessary.

The search goes on for what is gonna keep motivation going for an 18:30 5k. I’ve got just over a month till the first of the Winter Racing Series. What are the month’s goals?

  • 30+ mile weeks (distance wise that’s nothing compared to where I was and I think it’s a bare minimum to keeping a decent base going.)
  • Accepting that not every workout has to be a speed workout.
  • More 400 repeats (and figuring out what a good recovery is for them)
  • More 800 repeats (I think that Yasso 800’s worked well. I’ll keep that pattern going, just faster)
  • Consistency in mile repeats (Less wobbling between 5:55-6:00)
  • More trail runs with the dogs. They love snow and it’s a good way to get in some easy miles.

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