Towards a well rounded life…


My lonely bikes in the shed...

Ok so now that the 30th birthday marathon is over it’s time to re-assess goals and all that good stuff. If you’ve found this page you probably know of my 30th birthday goal of the 3 hour marathon…that’s a partial picture. As with most things in life I’m sort of a jack of all trades and the same is true with all my active life pursuits too.

I really dig skiing, hiking, trail running, road and mountain biking, biking to work (which I do far too infrequently), hiking with the dogs, and as my wife generally puts it (sometimes not necessarily in a good way) going further.

So now that the race is over I’m going to work on finding a way to become a more well rounded individual, I’m still thinking that running is going to be the base anchor for all of my madness but I miss my custom fully rigid singlespeed way too much to let it sit for any longer, and the snow is starting to fall for another Utah ski season…

So here’s the general non-specific goal rundown.

  • Ski a bunch this winter
  • Get my singlespeed out a couple times
  • Dare I say road ride this winter
  • Suck it up and get in the habit of biking to work more often
  • Yoga is my friend, (and my wife’s too)
  • Get my dogs back in shape, can you say “living room hike”
  • Work towards becoming “Comfortable” at a 6:00 mile pace

Nothing too ambitious there right. Ok so maybe there are a couple ambitious goals. Here’s to a well rounded active life…I’m back.

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