Missing Intensity – 18:34…

5k of the Salt Lake Track Club winter racing series is over. I want another go at it, and my legs did too on Monday. While I ran well and was right at my goal time I am certain that I can go faster. Just look at my face…that’s not the face of somebody who only has half a mile to go in a 5k.

So yeah, am I a little disapointed? Yes. Was it a great learning experience for me after focusing on longer distance races? Yes.

What I think I need to do now is get used to the efforts involved in shorter races, I think the 10k and 15k will be more inline with my strengths at the current time, more fast tempo work than a super-fast hard burn at sub 6 minute miles.

It’s funny how frustrations manifest themselves. I had a lunch run record of 56:17 for 9 miles on the Monday after the race. Subconsciously I knew that I hadn’t run that hard, and needed something to push on. Seemed to work, I felt great after that run and have been pleased with training since.

Two weeks till the 10k, well more like one and a half now. I’m thinking of modifying my goal to 38:30ish instead of 39 minutes. We’ll see how it goes and I’m gonna be sure to leave less in the tank at the end.

Also as a side note, 28 degrees is too cold not to wear gloves, my hands were freakin’ freezing during the race, the rest was fine but boy howdy were they cold. I figured a short hard race would be fine but that was not the case. Maybe I can blame my lack of focus on my hands. Nah, that seems like an excuse…just gotta run harder next time. And wear gloves…

Cheers to all the volunteers and the club for putting on the race and the series. It makes for a nice bit of winter running motivation to have something to train for on the horizon. Complacency is a horrible thing, or something to that extent…

Oh, and thanks to Noble Sports for the photos.

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