City Creek – Long Run

City Creek - About mile 7&12

Getting back into the long run after a bit of time away from any “real” distance. I finished my first 18 miler this past weekend and found that it was really refreshing to be able to get out for just over two hours of solid running. I took the opportunity to run through one of my favorite canyons in the area, City Creek. It’s not as rugged or impressive as Little or Big Cottonwood from a sheer size perspective but the lack of any and all traffic, save for the occasional water treatment plant vehicle, makes it a spectacular place to train.

Running from home in Sugarhouse takes me through Liberty Park and straight up 600 East to the Avenues. I head up to 2nd Avenue and down to the start of Memory Grove. from there it’s a 5 mile steady climb to the water treatment plant at about mile nine. The road continues for an additional mile+ to Rotary Glen Park. The full City Creek Long run is somewhere in the 20-22 mile range. I need to break out a GPS soon to get a full measurement all the way to Rotary Glen as I can’t find the road on any of the online mapping software once it goes past the treatment plant.

This past weekend was a fantastic early autumn morning. It’s a bit late in the season for this kind of day but I’ll certainly take it and hope to get in another one of these beautiful days before fall really sets in and it gets ugly outside.

One of the best parts of running City Creek is hitting the top, turning around and feeling like you are flying back down the canyon as fast as you dare to go.

Not that I’m focused on Boston training or anything but I’ve been treating the short kicker of a hill at the end of 2nd Avenue as my “heartbreak hill.” On the way back to the house it’s at about mile 14-16 depending on how far up the canyon you go. It’s short, steep, and a good little reminder that you’ve been running downhill for 5+ miles.

I’m hoping to get in more quality long runs this training cycle to hopefully stave off some of the mile 18-22 fade that I had in Philly last year.

Time to get out and enjoy the long run, find some of the clarity that it brings from your mind letting go of everything.

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