Boston Marathon

I’m going to Boston. Qualified about a year ago now and was lucky/persistent enough to get into the crazy madness that was this year’s registration. 8 hours and 3 minutes after the 9:00 a.m. Eastern standard time opening of registration this year’s Boston Marathon was sold out. Last year it took 2 months to sell out. I feel so lucky that I’m going.

Boston does have  a certain mystique to it. It’s sort of hard to explain but I thing I read somewhere that it sort of comes from the phrase “Boston Qualifier.”  Standards are harder for the New York Marathon, but that’s not the point. Boston’s old, it’s got an incredible history. It’s amazing to think about the 15 people who first ran it way back in 1897. Boston’s got the whole quirky Monday race thing. It’s run on Patriots’ day, and has been on a Monday every year but 1968, that’s 113 Monday races. Last year was #114 and I can’t wait to cross the starting line in Hopkinton for #115. For the history buff’s out there… Boston Marathon History.

I’m fast but not an elite athlete by any possible stretch of the word so at least for me qualifying was indeed hard, and I did it with a 7 minute buffer. Boston’s 6 month training cycle officially starts on November 1st, and I can’t wait. I’ve got some base building going on now and some speedwork (some great tempo work lately has me feeling good about my fitness) happening but I know full well that I’m going to take things up a couple notches when November kicks in. I feel like I’m starting at a much faster/fitter place for this round than I was for Philly. The Provo Halloween Half Marathon is going to be my official kickoff fitness test.

A course map and elevation profile is hanging behind my work computer. My registration is tacked right beside it. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement.

Monday, April 18, 2011, you and I have a date…

Who knows what it’s gonna bring? PR? A picture perfect day? Fast running? Great camaraderie and encouragement along the course? Crazy fans through Wellesley? Pushing hard up Heartbreak Hill? Turning and burning whatever is left in the tanks down Boylston Street…

Official Boston Marathon website

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